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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


The Revolution of Enterprise Applications is in the air The way businesses purchase, structure, manage, control and secure information is transforming day in day out. Talk of cloud computing and big data analytics as well as mobile connectivity, business IT systems are becoming faster, cheaper, easier and more efficient to use. It’s in this process that a fresh wave of technology companies has risen to challenge the already existing and established players. Venture investors have seen the need to invest funds into enterprise applications like never before. This sector is slowly and gradually attracting higher records in the capital index and is expected to improve drastically in the next few years. Igniting the passion are the already successful Multi-billion dollar companies such as ServiceNow, AltoNetworks, FireEye, Splunk and many others. Here is a keen look at 8 of the most important trends that will continue to change the face of enterprise application computing:

 1. Cloud Computing Today, nearly one third of all workloads are cloud based. The ability to effectively expand resources that are channeled to any particular enterprise application without the need to purchase more hardware is what has made cloud computing so powerful. Looking for more capacity? Ask your cloud provider to offer you more instantly.

 2. Virtualizing everything This transforms disparate sets of servers into one pool of applications. Computing resources can also be adjusted on the go. This element of virtualization has become more successful that IT professionals are now beginning to recognize and virtualize everything in data centers, including security, networking and storage.

 3. New IT buyers Buying decisions have transformed from IT staff and CIOs to marketing, finance, sales heads among other departments. These similar bottom-up adoptions of technology that sparked the growth of cloud computing and smartphones is creating more new opportunities for Information Technology vendors, who already have broader sets of interested buyers with little budget resistance and a willingness to put them to the test.

 4. The rise of Web-based sales Most businesses are sparked by the rise of inside and web based sale platforms. More organizations are structuring their businesses without the need to quota-carry sales persons. This has allowed them to get their products in the hands of potential customers as well as validate demand prior to establishing out a sales team.

 5. Re-thinking enterprise workflows There are increased adoptions of mobile devices. This has also resulted in more efficient and effective enterprise workflows. Things are becoming easier with day. Whether it’s an issue with transforming business documents using e-signature enterprise applications or route optimization and fine-tune scheduling for individuals in the field, mobile enterprise applications are automating and reinventing almost every aspect of the enterprise, enabling quick completion of tasks in a relatively smart manner.

 6. Security goes above the bar Issues revolving around security threats are slowly becoming common and more distributed. Consequently, businesses have to rethink about the security of all aspects of their business, at all network levels –from endpoints to servers and everywhere in between. Businesses are also shifting their focus from mere border protections as a means of securing data. Attack unscrupulous vendors abound, a newer generation of security firms such as Illumio, Bromuim and Ionic Security has risen to cater for the new version of security threats.

 7. Customer quality interfaces Enterprise application customers spend a significant amount of time handling intuitively and beautifully designed mobile applications. Businesses also want the same for their enterprises. Fortunately, quality and better designed enterprise applications with friendly and great interfaces are beginning to displace the current difficult-to-use incumbents. Conclusion Long gone are the days for company-mandated and top down choices for enterprise applications. Corporate IT is being re-imagined and democratized. It is gradually taking real shape. Though some of these trends are not good music to the ears of incumbent vendors, they are sure opportunities for all enterprise focused businesses and entrepreneurs.


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